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Customer Testimonials


Hi Frances--Gee whiz... I actually miss connecting with you regularly; think I got kinda attached. Ha ha ha. Really though, you may be glad to not hear from the Staffords but I enjoyed working with you and had a blast the other night listening to your stories. So, until I meet your critters and until I show my gratitude otherwise, I want to again thank you for all you did and more these past months. Thank you also for listening to me when I got upset and yelled in your ear. I know that was unpleasant. Thx too for tolerating my cluelessness about certain things and subsequent freakouts when realizing them. Also, thanks for being so on the ball with everything that was your responsibility. Rick was right when he said you were a solid and diligent professional. I feel so confident as a buyer in your hands. I will be thanking you more in the future but until I get my s#&% together, I wanted to make sure that you heard these things from me. Take care (((:

Trujillo Family

The Trujillo Family can't thank the whole team at USA Real Estate and Property Management for such AWESOME service. The communication back and forth was excellent. Each of your team answered all our questions in a timely fashion as this was our 1st experience with a property management company! The integrity of your company is impeccable. Your team rented our property within 1 month and the tenants moved in on my (Roma) birthday... the best birthday gift ever! Our hats off to you! You will certainly get referrals from us. Thanks, once again!

David C.

I can't say enough about the way YOU handled the situation. We made a great team on that one for sure... as they say "it is not what is happening, it is what you are BEING about it" - we were calm, cool, and made the right decisions in a timely manner and that made all the difference - but you executed the plan flawlessly and that is where the real genius lies - GREAT job Frances!! You can talk to the animals all day long as far as I am concerned and I won't tell a soul!! We will keep in touch and I appreciate the kind words... you only go through this life once and I am glad we were able to cross paths. I love animals and I love ass kickers and you certainly love animals and know how to get sh*!% done! Take care and if you ever need a reference or anything, feel free to use me. Thanks to you and your great staff. They have treated me with the utmost of care and professional service. Please let them know I said THANKS to all of them! Take care and God Bless!

Fred Wilson

I am so glad I finally found a management company that would return my phone calls. All the ones I had before never called me back and I had to keep calling for weeks to get to talk to anyone. USA is always very prompt to call me back. I am very happy with their services.

Bernard & Darleen Elvin, Jr.

I am back from Elko and I’ve seen the for sale sign on the corner, advertising our house for sale…It’s HUGE!! If I’ve learned anything from you in our 30 plus year business relationship, it is that from you, A PROMISE MADE IS A PROMISE KEPT. This is my fourth real estate transaction with you, Gateway, Hurtado, San Miguel and this one. I have every confidence in you and I know that you’re in tune with today’s real estate market and will do your very best for us, as you always have done in the past. I do not hesitate to recommend you to my friends or associates. Thank you again.

Ben Norgress

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to serve on a board where you are the Property Manager. I honestly do not know how any of us could have done our job without the continuous help knowledge and support you and your staff gave us. When you cam eon board as our property manager, the developer had left us with so many problems and so under-funded we would have gone bankrupt if you had not led the charge on a construction defect suit to correct all the plumbing, slab leaks and numerous other problems. Thanks to the years of hard work by you and your staff, we were finally successful in obtaining one of the largest settlements in Nevada. With the dedication and commitment from your office we were able to make all the corrections and repairs and see our property values appreciate dramatically. When my unit was flooded, you and Rhonda handled everything. When I returned, all repairs were done. If it had not been for my confidence in you, I would have had to cut my vacation short and come home. As it was, I was not worried in the least. We have been though a lot together these past 12 years and I am happy to say you were always there to get the job done. Weekends, nights, holidays, whatever it took, you were always there for me as a homeowner and Board Member. Thanks for everything.